Why Aren’t You Using Creator Studio?

If you are anything like me, it is out of pure ignorance. I just didn’t have the time to learn how to use yet another platform because I work at a local nonprofit and it’s just a two person show. 

As the marketing specialist, I find myself spending hours each week creating and posting content while also trying to analyze the data. This is just for Facebook—Instagram and LinkedIn are gearing up slowly. Again, give me some grace; it is just a two person show!

Honestly, spending so much time on social media at work leaves me with not much motivation to engage in my personal social media accounts.  I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

SO–let’s get right to why Creator Studio can make your life and my life easier!

Why should you be using Creator Studio?

As the marketing manager, social media manger or whatever title includes managing your non-profits’ social media pages; you know you are already working on borrowed time! Many of you are responsible for managing several social media pages. 

If Facebook and Instagram are two of those pages, Creator Studio can help you make better use of your time.

Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp and you will eventually be pushed to use Creator Studio, so why not take a few minutes to learn the basics and jump right in and get started?

What is Creator Studio?

This platform brings together all the tools that you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and measure content across all your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook, Creator Studio allows you to:

• Create, upload and post

• Get important updates

• Manage content

• Get Insights

• Inbox streamline engagement

• Monetize

• Protect content

Instagram, Creator Studio allows you to:

• Manage content

• Track performance

• Understand Audience

Who can use Creator Studio?

Anyone who manages a page on Facebook and Instagram are eligible by going to:

https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio. Or you can simply open your Facebook, and then open a new tab with Creator Studio.

Regardless of the role you have on a Facebook Page, you can access Creator Studio, as well as any Instagram accounts that are linked to the Page. Your Page role determines the specific information you can see, and the actions that you can take on the Page.

You can access Creator Studio on a laptop, PC and tablet. Mobile devices have some limitations on the functions that you can perform in the platform.

How do I use Creator Studio?

The easiest way to access the platform is to have your Facebook Page open and then in a new tab type in Creator Studio and all the pages that you manage will be in the platform.

Let’s look at the different tabs, and what functions each one performs in the platform.

Home Tab

• Create posts, videos, lives

• See recent posts views and engagements

• Overview of insights from last seven days

• See scheduled posts, drafts and expiring posts

• Connect to Instagram 

• Available curation crash course or videos to help you create meaningful content

• Drop down arrow that lets you select the Pages that you want to manage in that session–this can be changed at any time

Here you can also bulk upload multiple videos at once, cross post content to multiple pages and schedule, back date or save posts as drafts. Optional video features allow you to create subtitles and captions for your videos so people viewing without sound can still get information from your video. You can also add polls to engage viewers.

Video is king right now for social media, and Creator Studio gives you the option to post premiere videos. Premiere videos are different from scheduled videos because they use prerecorded videos and will publish them as a live. This is genius for people like me who are terrified to do a live video!  

Premiere videos gives you the ability to prepare polished and professional videos to your audience, frees you up to engage more with your viewers and subscribers will receive a notification 20 minutes and 3 minutes before your video.

If you are managing multiple Facebook pages, you can cross post to save time. You can edit video or post details, schedule and adjust other settings individually for each page.

Content Library > Posts

The Facebook portion gives you an overview of all your video, photos, links, text posts from the Pages that you manage. You can see insights and take action on individual posts such as: editing, boosting or deleting.

If you publish a lot of content or manage several pages, you know that keeping track off all of those posts can be tough. This section has filters and a search bar to make it easier to organize and find what you are looking for.

Instagram gives you an overview of video, photos, carousel, stories and IGTV posts.  You can select an item in the list to see insights like: people viewed interactions, actions and where they saw the post. You can also create and update video playlists, and check your messages.

Instagram also allows you to upload, compose all your content except stories from your computer.

Some publishing features that are available in the Instagram app may not be available in Creator Studio.

Insights > Performance

This tab allows you to better understand what’s working and what’s not. It gives you insights on your videos, and performance data is displayed on how videos are shown. You can filter the videos by date, videos from other Pages that you shared, posts from your page, cross posted videos and it shows information for organic vs. paid.

Other features:

• Shows 1 minute videos

• Minutes viewed

• 3 minute videos

• Engagement

• Net Followers

Insights > Loyalty

Loyalty is the most important metric to measure. This shows you who wants to follow you so you can create content to keep them coming back or get them to watch your videos all the way through. 

This tab tracks your followers, gives insights on returning viewers and shows you how long people are watching your videos.

Insights > Audience

Learn who your audience is so you can tailor your content around them. This tab:

• Shows who audience is

• Where they live

• Languages

• Interests

• Audience likes

• What other types of videos they like

Insights > Retention

Shows you where your views are coming from, average minutes viewed and how long people are watching.

Insight > Earnings

This tab helps you to better understand your In-Stream ad earnings, and see which videos are using ads, under review, turn off ads and see ads that aren’t eligible for earnings.


Here you can see and respond to messages. You can mark them as done once you have responded and you can filter them as unread, follow up and into done folders.

Monetization with Facebook

To be eligible for monetization you must have 10,000 followers and 30,000 1 minute videos or 3 minute videos.

Monetization allows you to:

• Create In-Stream ads to include in your videos to earn money

• Earn from paid partnerships with brands that want to collaborate on creating and sharing content with your audience

• Create a subscription for your page to earn a monthly income

Sound Collection

Sound can be a key ingredient for your videos because as you know, sounds can immediately change the mood, build suspense or bring out a wide range of emotions.

Sound collection lets you choose genres, mood, duration, vocals and sound effects like: water, footsteps, space sounds….


This final tab, allows you to create new pages, add people to manage page and roles.

In conclusion, Creator Studio is heavily focused on video, as you have seen, because more video than text is what your audience wants to see on your page.

Creator studio allows you to work faster and more efficiently for Facebook and Instagram all on one platform that allows you to create, manage and analyze each Page you are responsible for in your role.

Don’t be scared, jump right into using it!

For more detailed information on how to use Creator Studio, go to www.facebook.com/business/learn.