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Removing Barriers for the Underdog Entrepreneur

What We Do.



An entrepreneur must understand the principles of business in order to maximize success and minimize the chance for loss. Empower will address the basics needs to start, grow and operate a small business.


While a basic knowledge and who you know are vastly important for an entrepreneur, it is impossible to know everything. A mentor and emotional support, in hard times, are essential to the success of all entrepreneurs.

Social Capital

Building the skills to grow and maintain much of an entrepreneur’s success comes from the people they know. Empower's business services will help you learn how to start a business or grow an existing business.

Empower Business Tips.

The Program

Inclusive Entrepreneurial Support

Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with Jane Boyd, is a high impact program for local entrepreneurs. The program is a 12-week commitment that allows participants access to customized workshops, trained coaching staff, industry experts and wide range of resources.

In addition to the 12-week program, held primarily at Jane Boyd Community house, participants receive exclusive benefits for all active graduates such as:


  • Free Website – GoDaddy sponsors a website for your business with lesson from web expert to show you how to create and maintain it. ($1,260 value)
  • Business Coaching Graduates are eligible to continue to receive coaching for 5 years after program completion. ($9,300 value per year)
  • Access to Empower Business Pitch Event ($5,000 value)
  • Exclusive Networking Events
  • Access to sponsored events


Many factors can negatively affect your business before it gets a chance to take off. One of the major opportunities is obscurity. If potential customers don’t know you or can’t find you, how can they do business with you?

Setting up a Facebook or hanging flyers at the laundromat won’t cut it anymore. If you don’t know how to get noticed, your business will suffer. Our program teaches you the secret to tackling this problem head on.


What if you had a business coach that could walk you though the next steps of your business? Help you vet a new marketing idea? Point you in the right direction for resources?

Would that help speed up your success? Yes, it would!

We have trained coaches with several years or management and business development experience. They have taken the bumps so you don’t have to. Once you have been accepted into Empower you will have access to coaches as long as you are an active alumni of the program and can continue to:

  • Volunteer your time with Jane Boyd programs
  • Participate in showcases or other Empower events
  • Mentor recent graduates

Building relationships is embedded into the core of the program. We invite local experts to facilitate or attend classes. This means our relationships become your relationships. Check out the community partners and team page to learn more about these guests.

We live by the mantra…

Know people, before you need people.

Online presence

The industry experts at GoDaddy focus on boosting the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs through customized training, GoDaddy mentors and coaches to help entrepreneurs gain critical business skills.

GoDaddy coaches teach topics ranging from branding to building a website, search engine optimization and social media.

Community Events

Networking with community members invested in small business and other entrepreneurs is crucial on the entrepreneurial journey. Through Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with Jane Boyd, participants will engage in a variety of community events from networking events, graduations and local community events.


The hardest part is getting started. The program helps you break down your action steps into small manageable pieces. Our coaches provide feedback on how to help you and your business to be successful.

While we are here to help, you are the driving force behind your future. We will offer as much or as little direct advice as you ask for. The more you put into the program, the more you will get out.

About Us

What We Aim To Do:

To strengthen the entrepreneurial community through education, social capital growth, and mentorship. 

What We Value:

  • Creating an environment where everyone feels welcome.
  • Providing support – help you start a new business and your business grow.
  • Creating a business support community inside our program – we love seeing our entrepreneurs work together.
  • Changing the status quo – people from all walks of life have great ideas; our job is to help push those ideas forward.
  • Not being afraid to fall with flair – we love taking risks when they make sense.

Our Focus:

Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with Jane Boyd is a social impact program equipping entrepreneurs in underserved areas with the training, tools and resources that they need to start a new business. Empower by GoDaddy primarily focuses on Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas. As the program continues to grow, so does the geographical footprint.

Our Sponsors


GoDaddy is the lead partner and sponsor of Empower by GoDaddy in partnership with Jane Boyd. GoDaddy partners with leading nonprofits to provide community-based programs and virtual learning experiences and GoDaddy volunteers globally.

Empower focuses on boosting the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs through customized training, GoDaddy mentors, and coaches so they can bolster their small business’ digital presence and gain other critical business skills.


  • Boost entrepreneur’s skills and knowledge to fuel their independent ventures.
  • Provide robust skill-building experiences from website development from branding to social media and more.
  • Engage the expertise, compassion and energy of GoDaddy’s employees to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to strengthen their online presence.
  • Foster meaningful relationships among entrepreneurs to provide support, advice and networks.
  • Empower a universe of entrepreneurs to share and learn from one another every step of their journey.
  • Rally behind entrepreneurs as they strive to pursue their passion and support their families.
  • Provide a robust curriculum on topics relating to digital literacy.
  • Employee volunteers to teach the curriculum and mentor small business owners 1-on-1 during phase two of workshops.
  • Free GoDaddy products to program participants.

GoDaddy for Good

GoDaddy for Good uses corporate donations, partnerships, advocacy, and volunteerism to enrich the communities in which we work, live, and play.

Jane Boyd

Expect Success

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more.

Our mission is to enhance the academic, emotional and social well-being of children and families in our diverse community with programs focused on developing successful and productive adults.

We offer a variety of programs, including the Achievement Academy and PATHS, to help youth and families succeed in our communities through academic, emotional and social support.

In 2017, Jane Boyd served 75 participants through the career-readiness program PATHS, almost 4,000 individuals at the Harambee House, and hundreds of others through additional youth and family programming.

Our Team

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