Can We Just Give Ourselves Some Grace?

Being an entrepreneur, type A, and occasionally…high strung person is great for getting down to business, tackling the tough stuff, and staying on track to reach your nearly impossible goals.

Yet, there’s a downside to this. We are our own toughest critic. We can never reach that pinnacle of being good enough in our own opinion. And more often than not, we’re guilt ridden when we want a day, or even a moment, to just be.

I’m not talking about promising yourself to actually take a lunch instead of work through lunch. I’m talking about telling yourself that you are hustling hard. You are moving mountains. You are making it, girl. But part of that equation is to give ourselves some grace. We easily extend this to others, but it becomes so difficult to extend that same courtesy to ourselves.

Giving yourself grace means that you don’t have to be on 24/7. It means accepting that some days, you need to take a ride in the car for a few hours to clear your head instead of replying to emails. It means that a weekend should actually be a weekend. And it means that not every day is going to be top notch. We can waste energy beating ourselves up that we didn’t tackle everything we set out to do. Or we can harness that energy into doing what we need to do: feeding our soul. A wise woman once told me we have to put our self-care oxygen mask on before we can help others put their mask on. The reality is that taking care of ourselves and extending grace means that we will be better business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

I know, it can be painful. Because you know there are unread emails piling up. Meetings with accountants to be had. 2020 strategic plans to be finalized. But, will your business burn to the ground if you waited just 24 hours to tackle these tasks? Probably not. If we want to show up and be our best selves, that means pressing pause, even when it’s inconvenient.

I think this is especially important as we head into the craziest two months of the year. Holiday season. It’s a mad rush to capture the attention of consumers, find the perfect holiday gift, attend all the parties, and double your workout routine because #christmascookies. Maybe one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is to decline a few of the holiday parties. Maybe you miss that one morning workout because you just need an extra hour of sleep. And maybe, we cut ourselves some slack.

So what do you say ladies? Are you with me? We can still be successful and driven without burning the candle at both ends. When did this become a point of pride? Here’s to giving ourselves some grace. And here’s to encouraging other boss babes to stop beating themselves up. We’re all doing the best we can!